On Tuesday, August 4, a massive explosion happened in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, which caused severe damage to the city’s port. The blast could be felt up to six miles away from its origin, and by the morning of August 5, over 100 people were declared dead, over 4,000 injured, and hundreds reported missing. Reports suggested the cause to be fireworks, but the Lebanese chief of security, Abbas Ibrahim, dismissed the claim. With COVID-19 still filling hospitals to their capacity and a few of those hospitals being damaged by the blast, Beirut’s people are in desperate need of help from its global community.


If you’d like to contribute in aiding and funding those affected by the explosion, you can do so in a few ways.


Beit el Baraka


This nonprofit organization is based in Beirut and offers to help Lebanese families and older people who struggle to afford living expenses. The organization has extended its goal to focus on repairing homes damaged by the blast and will accept any assistance send its way. You can lend your assistance here.


Humanity & Inclusion


Humanity & Inclusion offers rehabilitation and post-surgical therapy to those in need. Due to the explosion, they have launched a campaign that will deliver vital rehabilitation and psychosocial care to those who were injured in the blast.


Lebanese Red Cross


The Lebanese Red Cross is the country’s main provider of ambulance services, with over 300 ambulances and 3,000 emergency medical technicians (EMTs) at their disposal. You can help their medical services by donating to the organization here.


Islamic Relief Lebanon Emergency Appeal


Islamic Relief is a charity that offers international aid to those in need. The organization’s appeal aims to provide food, water, and basic necessities to those who need it because of the blast. Additionally, Islamic Relief is helping to clear the streets of Beirut of debris and are paying people who are out of work to assist them. You can contribute to their cause by clicking here.


Save the Children


For over 60 years, Save the Children has worked with children and young people across Lebanon across various needs: education, health, food assistance, and so on. Since the explosion, the organization has committed to providing assistance to children and their families, and physical and emotional protection for those affected by the explosion.