Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic affects every front, corridor, and bridge to survival. For every staggering statistic and unforeseen complication on each home front, hope exists for restless and starving families. In response to hungry and needy families of the country of Malta, Rafel Sammet of Briju Restaurant, with the assistance of Harry Harb of Alibaba Restaurant, Jean Galea Souchet of Cleland & Souchet, Robert Bonello, Zack DeMarco, and Marko Pavlovic banned together to form a food charity that is consists of restaurants, food supply companies, delivery services, parish leaders, charities and schools.


With Conscious Beginnings


As an immediate response to closing his restaurant’s doors as a part of the COVID-19 business shutdowns, Sammut tackled his disillusionment by brainstorming with friends about how he could revitalize his business and the home front by targeting to feed one family one day at a time. From the beginning, it seemed daunting, but soon the idea of feeding one family turned into 16 families, and within a short time, over 6,500 families received food from Victory Kitchen. Actual numbers of donations loom over 19,500 meals given to end hunger in the European nation of Malta because of COVID-19. The term ‘Victory Kitchen’ began in World War II. They were set up to feed the starving all over Malta.


Greater Goals


To continue in their philanthropic efforts, Victory Kitchen plans a fundraising event in September. By a monetary donation, or contacting Victory Kitchen directly at 99906056, one can secure a position in a 15.1-kilometer swim that begins at Cirkewwa, passes through Comino and rounds back to Cirkewwa from Gozo.


Staying Focused


Paraphrasing Sammut, the purpose of Victory Kitchen is to encourage everyone to commit to helping out no matter how big or small. Cushioning the impact of COVID-19 on the breadwinners and caretakers will reduce the hysteria of covering all fronts for a family to survive in this day and age. Considering the many starving families, that number into the thousands, maintaining Victory Kitchen’s presence is vital. This food cooperative and dedicated philanthropy is an accomplishment of hope, survival, and strategic logistics. Sammut intends on offering services for a long time to come to reach more of the country.